Knowledge is the most important thing when it comes to saving and investing, and we aim to provide rigorous, well-founded financial education and the most ethical and the most well-thought out approaches to this subject, with a view to empowering savers and investors to make better choices, save more and realize better returns. We also want to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and questions on various saving and investing subjects.

Saving and investing is not a mysterious subject, and many of the most fundamental things that happen in financial markets happen for very simple and understandable reasons.

We can think of savers and investors as providers of capital - and companies and governments as users of capital in the financial markets. The interaction between the two allows companies to raise capital to build factories, create jobs, and deliver better products; and it can also allow savers to compound and grow their money by earning a return for making it availableWithout saving and investing, companies and governments would not get access to funding to provide services, products and jobs for society; not to mention of course that compounding and saving larger sums would become much more difficult if not impossible for savers and investors. 

The terms, stocks and bonds and equity and debt and funds and other financial topics surround us in the media  and in conversation all day long. In order to save and invest, we need to get familiar with these terms and concepts.

Savingandinvesting.com was founded by Michael Fischer after spending nine years at Goldman Sachs advising large institutions such as banks, mutual fund companies and hedge funds on investment choices. Here he was frequently ranked as the clients' top advisor, and provided advice and input to managers of trillions of dollars of assets, and came across hundreds of different investment styles and approaches. He also bought and sold billions of dollar of investments on behalf of his clients and himself. Michael holds an MBA from INSEAD and an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a member of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, and holds the Series 3, 7, and 63 accreditations from the NASD in the United States and is a Registered Representative with the Securities and Futures Authority in the United Kingdom. Today he runs a boutique asset management company working with large institutions, and focuses on promoting financial literacy.